Hello, world!

I’ve always wanted to keep a blog, but I never really had the time nor the attention span for it. Something always seemed to be in the way: work, business, new episodes of my TV shows, laziness. Can you believe I’ve had this website up since April 2015, but this is only my first entry? (As I’m writing this, I’m not even sure if this post will make it past Draft and see the light of the Internet. But let’s hope.)

So, why now? By some intervention of the universe, now is when I found myself with a lot of idle time on my hands. Waking up without an alarm and without anywhere to be at 8am feels liberating, and is a luxury I might as well make the most out of. What better way to do that than by ticking things off my bucketlist, which right now has “start a blog” on it as first order of business?

I still don’t know what exactly to talk about, though. Over the years, I have seen blogs evolve from simple outlets of mundane teenage rantings to a platform of really organized and substantial content. I think I’d like a healthy mix of the two. Maybe one day I’ll write about a casual breakfast date with friends, and then write about money and investments the next. In between, maybe I’ll write about a new restaurant I tried over the weekend, or a song I Shazam-ed from a really good movie the other night, or a recipe I found on Tasty that was really fun to make. Wow, the idea of oversharing my life is exciting! Here’s to finally making it happen!

Stay tuned for the next post! (Let’s keep our fingers crossed there will be.)

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