Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup

I have tried my fair share of foundations, across different brands and different formulas, but nothing has worked better on my skin than Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup. I swear by it so much that I literally could not imagine my life without it. I always keep spare bottles, and panic whenever I’m down to the last one.

neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup

Why do I love this foundation, you ask? Oh, let me (re)count the ways:

  • The coverage and finish are perfect for everyday. Technically, makeup gurus classify the coverage as “medium” and the finish as “dewy”, but in my own words, I’d say this foundation does one hell of a job even-ing out the color of my face, without me feeling like I have a cakey mask of goo on. The formula also photographs well, and I’ve never experienced white cast problems with this like I have with other foundations.
  • The price point is unbeatable for the quality! This foundation retails for around 500PHP for 30ml of product. To put it in better perspective, this foundation is reputedly a dupe for NARS Sheer Glow, which retails for around 2450PHP for the same amount of product.
  • This foundation doubles as skincare! I say this not only because the label says it has Titanium Dioxide that acts as sunscreen, but also because 1) it’s Neutrogena and Neutrogena is actually known to be a dermatologist-recommended skincare brand and 2) I have used this for years on end and not once did it make me break out.
  • The application can be flexible! You literally can’t go wrong with it! I have successfully applied this with a foundation brush, a stippling brush, a (faux) beauty blender, and even my bare hands. (If I’m going to play favorites though, I’d say the best brush to use this with is a Real Techniques’ Expert Face Brush.)

neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup

neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup

Well, have I sold this foundation to you yet? If so, don’t hate me, but I have a slightly bad news for you. You know how they say good things are hard to come by? Sadly, this foundation is not being distributed by Neutrogena to the Philippine market. The five spare bottles I have right now, and all the countless bottles I’ve used up before that, I got from either a US online site or Chedelyn Cosmetics. My tip? Visit a branch of Chedelyn Cosmetics first to look through the available shades and try your closest match. If after trying it you grow to love the product, which I’m sure you would, it’s time to order in bulk from the US! Some US shopping services you can use are Johnny Air, GCash My Shopping Box or LBC Shipping Cart. Alternatively, if you have a friend or family member coming home from the US, you can always use your charm and ask them if they can smuggle a few bottles for you! (Believe me, I have had my dad searching for this foundation at a Target once.)

neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup

neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup

So there! Hope you had fun getting to know my holy grail foundation! How about you? What is your favorite foundation and what made you love it? Let me know in the comments!

Hello, world!

I’ve always wanted to keep a blog, but I never really had the time nor the attention span for it. Something always seemed to be in the way: work, business, new episodes of my TV shows, laziness. Can you believe I’ve had this website up since April 2015, but this is only my first entry? (As I’m writing this, I’m not even sure if this post will make it past Draft and see the light of the Internet. But let’s hope.)

So, why now? By some intervention of the universe, now is when I found myself with a lot of idle time on my hands. Waking up without an alarm and without anywhere to be at 8am feels liberating, and is a luxury I might as well make the most out of. What better way to do that than by ticking things off my bucketlist, which right now has “start a blog” on it as first order of business?

I still don’t know what exactly to talk about, though. Over the years, I have seen blogs evolve from simple outlets of mundane teenage rantings to a platform of really organized and substantial content. I think I’d like a healthy mix of the two. Maybe one day I’ll write about a casual breakfast date with friends, and then write about money and investments the next. In between, maybe I’ll write about a new restaurant I tried over the weekend, or a song I Shazam-ed from a really good movie the other night, or a recipe I found on Tasty that was really fun to make. Wow, the idea of oversharing my life is exciting! Here’s to finally making it happen!

Stay tuned for the next post! (Let’s keep our fingers crossed there will be.)

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